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As an organisation with foot print across several countries, promoting international business, we recognise our privileges, but also understand our responsibility towards society and the environment.


Our internship program is designed for new graduates, as well as students in graduate and post graduate programs, eager to gain hands on experience in areas such as International Trade & Investment, Marketing, Business Development, Consulting, Market Research, Business strategies, Communication Strategies, Branding, etc. It is a unique opportunity as it creates exposure to several geographies and industry sectors at one go. All interns report directly to our Founder Chairman, which really drives their learning experience in addition to building their confidence in networking with top management.

Keeping in mind individual requirements, the opening is flexible and can be full time for periods of up to 3 to 6 months. The students handle live business scenarios, are charged with driving innovation and implementing ideas, all while experiencing a cycle of learning. The internship program is designed to be educational, inspirational and purposeful.

Our internship program places a strong emphasis on values, ethics and culture. One way we impart our dedication to community service is through our internship program. It is a wonderful experience for both parties: The interns and Us.

We periodically review progress of each candidate and take feedback at the end of the internship.Here are some of the feedbacks.

Rishav Sikaria, New York University Abu Dhabi

"My association with AKT Consulting as an intern for the summer has not only been a driving force professionally but also personally. Under Mr. Tareen’s mentorship I have opened up to new ways of thinking, have developed a sense of work flexibility, and inculcated in me a thought process to approach complex challenges. I have had the opportunity to assist in various domains of business all the way from brainstorming sessions for market entry to extensive research for proposal development. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I wish Mr. Tareen and his team lots of success in all their future endeavours. "

Unnati Chordia, Bachelors in Economics and Psychology, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

"The internship was a wonderful learning experience for me as I gained a lot of knowledge and insight into communication strategies and market research. A large number of opportunities were provided for me to understand and explore the world of trade, investment and marketing. Moreover, I would look forward to come to office due to the cordial and friendly work environment. Mr A.K. Tareen and Ms. Devulapally made sure to advice and guide me through any intricacies in a very forthcoming manner. It was lovely how approachable they were! I am so grateful to Mr. A.K. Tareen to have given me this internship and wish AKT Strategic all the prosperity in the future."

Abhay Sahni, BTech In Computer Science, MIT, Manipal

"My experience at AKT was extremely exciting. The work environment was very open and friendly and I was able to take on projects that interested me. My mentors, Ms. Devulapally and Mr. Tareen, helped me out at each step and I was able to learn a lot from them. From strategy consulting to trade and investment, this internship helped me explore a variety of industries. It was an amazing experience."

Pavitra Manoharan - BA ( Honors) Business Economics & Management (University of Nottingham)

“Very interactive and comfortable environment to work in. Freedom to ask, learn and find out workings of parts of a strategic management consultancy. Practical experience provided, rather than shadowing. Overall the internship helped me to definitely learn and develop skills, as well as gain exposure in the international strategic management industry. It was a good experience and is certainly a very significant addition to my resume. I would like to thank Mr. Tareen for this wonderful opportunity and for mentoring me”

Shruti Krishnakumar - Bachelors in Production Engineering ( NIT, Trichy )

“My time at AKT Strategic Consulting has been by far the most fruitful experience of my academic life. One of the first duties I was given was to ideate and frame a communication strategy to market the firm’s services, helping me understand the nuances of an effective business communication. I was also assigned to conduct market research on industries such as solar, construction, IT, health care and plastics to study these sectors and identify key players that would be interested in expanding their business footprint into Oman. The internship experience at AKT has helped me understand the dynamics of business and trade in today’s world and these are lessons that are sure to help me in the long run. Apart from these, I also really enjoyed the numerous fun and insightful discussions with Mr.Tareen and would like to thank him for the constant guidance and encouragement I received during the internship.”

Banu Prakash - Masters in IT (Carnegie Mellon University)

“This Internship was one of the best things that happened to me. Like, painting on a huge open canvas, the internship took me on an entrepreneurial journey from Customer research, proposal writing, market strategy, negotiations, liaisoning. I improved my communication, market research, and negotiation skills. I believe this Internship grew me as a professional and as a person exposing me to the real life business challenges. I will always cherish this rewarding experience and be grateful to Mr. Tareen for providing this opportunity”

Gurpriya Sidhu - MSc in International Management ( Esade Business School, Spain )

“The internship was very good as it helped me put my theoretical knowledge into practice. It also gave me the opportunity to take on various roles ranging from communication and marketing to research and strategy. I was given great autonomy to pick projects and sectors that I wished to work in. The work environment was conducive and Mr. A.K. Tareen is helpful and approachable. All in all, it was a great learning experience and I wish the company a lot more success in the coming years! “


We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. It is built into every minuscule activity we undertake. We firmly believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s words “We need to be the change we want to see”. In addition to our internal activities, we also actively participate in initiatives to educate the society on reducing carbon footprint. We visit schools, colleges and even partake in door to door campaigning. Be it the efficient use of fuels, switching over to more efficient LED bulbs or the ‘no to plastics’ campaign, we are always at the forefront. Our Founder Chairman Mr.AK Tareen, is a well-known climate change activist and has been the Brand Ambassador for Exnora’s lights out campaign.

Climate Change Campaign

No To Plastic Campaign

Exnora Lights out Campaign

The NDTV Toyota Greenathon


Bilateral Blind Cricket Series

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