How is AKT Strategic Consulting different to other consultants, trade offices and chambers of commerce ?

While Trade offices and Chambers of commerce generally provide information, reports and introductions, we are a boutique consulting firm highly specialised in developing business strategies and representing foreign governments, businesses and brands in India, The Middle East and Australia. We have a strong network of offices in each of these regions with a track record of at least 2 decades in this business.

While most consulting firms are excellent in providing strategies and reports, their implementation is always a challenge. It is either because the reports are generated relying on desk research or the author has only theoretical knowledge. Practical knowledge and our hands on experience helps in formulating sound strategies and implementing them on the ground.

Are your services specific to an industry or sector?

Our expertise is in the in-depth understanding of the market, business & culture, our experience of facilitating trade and investments in these markets for decades, our relationship with senior decision makers and of course the reputation we enjoy out of our excellent track record.

Having said this, we have a diverse team each with a specific domain and industry expertise and they come together to work on projects depending upon a requirement. For example, Our Founder chairman has formulated and led Australia’s Auto, Food, Retail and Health industry strategies in South Asia.

What kind of services does AKT provide in reference to the education sector?

We recognise Education as an important sector. We work with foreign universities, vocational education and training service providers to promote their brand in India, institutional linkage with universities & Research and Development centres, facilitate student and faculty exchange and help bring investors, amongst other things .

We are currently working with a foreign government seeking to increase the skill levels of its population, by tying up with a range of vocational educational centres and universities.

What kind of work do you do for governments?

With our Founder chairman representing the Australian governments in India for nearly 2 decades, we understand the needs, culture and sensitivities of governments and politicians.
We currently represent and advise the Sultanate of Oman and Bosnia and Herzegovina in India and Australia.

We leverage on our experience, knowledge and networks to promote countries, their exports, tourism and education, draw up trade and investment strategies, organise missions, delegations and business events and act as their local office for all practical purposes.

Some of our recent projects include: Oman Government’s Roadshow in Australia, Promotion of Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 to Indian businesses, organising an Indian CEO delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, leading an Indian Investors delegation to Oman and project management of an Oman Exporter’s Roadshow across India.

How can AKT assist an Indian company?

AKT Strategic Consulting, with its team of global experts and associates, can leverage on their local presence, knowledge and contacts to promote your organisation in Australian, Middle Eastern and European markets and bring in local partners. We can help you identify qualified investors & investment projects, buyers, sellers of products and technologies.

How do you charge for your services?

We offer complete business solutions tailor made to suit a specific need. The fees can be of any or a combination of the following

a) Fixed fee: Once we finalise the full scope of services, we agree on a fixed fee to deliver the set of outcomes within a time frame.

b) Retainer Fee: When the nature of the project is such that it spreads over many months but may require our involvement only for a certain number of days in a month, we propose a retainer fee. This usually pertains to projects/tenders that need monitoring or businesses that require a follow up.

c) Success Fee: We propose a success fee when your organization is looking to keep their initial expenses low and link the fees to the outcome.

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