Business Advisory Services

Working with precise information is always the most critical part in a successful transaction. International businesses are constantly evaluating new markets and seeking opportunities to grow, but risks – both known and unknown are inevitable. However, expert advice from a credible local source who understands those markets, can help significantly reduce the risk and maximise returns. From market assessment to entry strategy, research to analysis, industry reports to expansion strategies, we offer effective and credible services

We operate in some of the most lucrative, exciting and challenging markets in the world. India, The Middle East and South East Europe are particularly on a major transformation with new business opportunities unfolding every day. The biggest challenge for any foreign company is to identify the best projects and people and the process of reaching them. A misguided project or partner could significantly set one back on both time and money. This is where our local presence, knowledge, experience and network count.

We know the projects and the people. We understand the business culture and the practices. We have the experience of dealing with them. Countries, Governments and International Investors continue to rely on our advice. We have an excellent network of seasoned local experts in each of these markets. Our Founder Chairman is one of the most recognised international trade and investment experts with an experience of over 3 decades in advising countries, governments, businesses and brands.

Whether your organization is small or big, new or established, trading or investing, government, private or educational, we can help you.

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