Our Network

AKT Strategic Consulting LLP has a strong local presence and a network of offices across India, Australia, The Middle East and Europe. We can help engage with all these markets, regardless of which part of the world you are in.

Our core expertise facilitating international trade and investment , we understand all these markets. We understand the local business and culture well, we have an excellent relationship with key decision makers and above all, we have a highly-qualified team of experts located in each of these countries. These are some of the most recognised trade and investment specialists, with decades of experience.

In India alone, our offices are in 5 strategic cities – Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Kolkata. Each of our experts in these places has an experience of at least 25 years in advising international businesses on trade and investment. Each of them has represented foreign governments as either Trade Commissioners or Commercial representatives and has worked with a range of industry sectors.

As a boutique international business consulting firm, we are proud to have a multinational team that not only provides us the geographic spread, but also industry expertise at a local level. They bring with them a vast range of experience, expertise and connections from around the world to help deliver the right advice and service.

Be it to Invest or seek Investments, Export or Import products and services, appoint local partners or open a new office, our team can assist you with a comprehensive range of business solutions and quickly connect you to the right people.