``To be the most trusted business advisor and local representative
for foreign governments, businesses and brands
in India, Australia and the Middle East”

We are a boutique consulting firm highly specialised in developing business strategies and representing foreign governments, businesses and brands in India, The Middle East and Australia. We have a strong team of senior experts and associates located across India, The UK, The Sultanate of Oman, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Australia, many of who are former Trade Commissioners. With our combined knowledge of local markets, experience in international business, industry expertise and a strong network of contacts with senior decision makers, we are able to offer businesses looking to grow in these markets, solutions to their business needs.

Additionally with our vast experience in India we understand the challenges and opportunities that the market presents to international organizations. We have an excellent track record of enhancing business success, by significantly reducing the cost, time and risk of doing business. As a multinational organisation, we have the unique advantage of understanding the needs, demands and sensitivities of the Indian market as well as understanding India’s perception of foreign businesses! We not only offer advice and assistance but also become your local office to help achieve your goals in the most competitive manner.

Our Founder Chairman, Mr.A.K.Tareen is one of the most recognised commercial diplomats with over 3 decades in representing countries, governments, businesses and brands across Australia, India, The Middle East and Europe. He advised and represented the Australian federal and state governments for 2 decades before seeking retirement as the senior trade commissioner to India and South Asia to establish AKT Strategic Consulting LLP.

We are also extremely fortunate to be guided by an international advisory panel of global leaders such as former premiers, ambassadors and captains of industry.

With our unique strengths and reputation we don’t just add value to your business; we create it.

Our Philosophy...
It is our passion to connect people. To connect them across countries and continents. To forge new friendships that thrive on mutual respect and understanding each other’s diverse cultures and backgrounds. Friendships that decrease conflicts between people and countries.
Trade is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind. It has played a crucial role in connecting civilizations and uniting populations. When traders meet, they not only exchange goods and services but also new ideas and practices that help foster peace and prosperity.
At AKT, Trade and Investment is our core strength. We use it as a tool to forge new friendships. We measure our success by the enduring partnerships that we create each day. The economic benefits that flow from them are, well, a bonus!

We always start with understanding our clients and their needs. We believe in delivering excellent results by understanding their perspective, concerns and objectives. We are client centric and outcome driven, not market and process driven.


While promoting our clients and their businesses in the market, we always aim to protect their interests. Confidentiality is an important value and we understand that handling sensitive information is central to the conduct of business. We uphold the highest standards in protecting the privacy of information and rights.    


This is the foundation of our ambition- to deliver high quality work consistently and always on time. We believe that nothing is more vital than building enduring relationships and following through on our commitment.


Our ethical principles shape our culture and have underpinned our reputation with governments and countries. Our processes, therefore, are extremely transparent, because maintaining trust and ethics of the highest order are paramount to us.

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